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Creative vision--and the ability to translate that vision into reality--is what TLC PRODUCTIONS  is all about.

MULTIMEDIA: Need a creative concept and solid project management for a new multimedia piece? TLC Productions offers

  • Design strategies for interactive media
  • Content development and architecture
  • Museum/public kiosk installation planning (including CD-ROM, DVD)
  • Web sites that engage viewers

WORDS: Get a thoughtful profile that captures the essence of its subject, a script that makes your message come alive, written content that is lively and intelligent from TLC Productions.

  • Writing for print or broadcast
  • Advertising/promotion copy

SOUND: Whether you want sophisticated voice-over talent or effective audio presentations to meet a specific need, you want TLC Productions.

  • Audio presentations and radio scripts
  • Voice-over work

IMAGES: A picture's worth a thousand words--and compelling images from TLC Productions help tell your story.

  • Photography and video for documentary purposes or special events

What Clients Have To Say

Storyteller in a Digital Age
Tracey Linton Craig, founder and principal creative talent

I see myself as a storyteller with a strong sense of narrative as well as a knack for understanding how people seek information. As a storyteller in the digital age, I aim to effectively use the full palette to tell the story--words, sounds, and images.

With more than 15 years experience as a writer and photographer, my work centers on feature writing for national magazines and other periodicals. A quick glance at the publication titles on my resume immediately shows museums and music are primary themes--and favorite subjects. Profiles that capture an individual or institutional personality and in-depth articles that explore complex issues in understandable terms are my strengths.

In the past five years, my work has grown to include audio and video presentation as well as multimedia content development and production. Museum exhibit prototypes, web site development for organizations like Kindermusik and the New York Folklore Society, and a live radio show that showcases music in the folk tradition are among the most recent ventures. In addition, I've crewed with a university-based media production team as production assistant and videographer, and written, shot, edited, and produced my own first video pieces.

Combining my solid background in writing and photography with more recent interactive multimedia work, I can offer you the broad-based experience you're looking for as you develop and produce new media products. I can help you explore creative new ways to tell the story at hand, whether that's an exploration of the past, a profile of a growing young company, or a how-to presentation on using the brand-new watchamacallit-thingamajig.

Technical assistance and additional skilled production team members are available on a project basis. References are, of course, available on request.

Because TLC PRODUCTIONS covers the full spectrum of media design and production, you'll find a thoughtful, strategic approach that emphasizes an integrated communications plan within your institutional context and mission.

TLC PRODUCTIONS offers you creative vision--and the ability to make that vision a reality.

Tracey Linton Craig

Tracey Linton Craig

Here's What Clients Say About TLC PRODUCTIONS:

 "Tracey did a superb job; [she] came up with an interesting, attractive, and easily navigable design that was both harmonious with the template we gave her and bore the mark of her own creativity.  She also developed remarkably complete and appropriate content that not only gives important information  but opens the reader to a wide range of other sources and sites that are likely to be of interest...Tracey also performed admirably as a consultant.  She was very clear, explicit, and professional in all her dealings with us.  She delivered material on time.  She let us know and advocated for her ideas and the reasoning behind them, but she was open to suggested changes and carried them out with enthusiasm..." 
John Suter, Director, New York Folklore Society
"[Tracey] is exceptionally bright and enthusiastic...and a diligent, conscientious worker.
Gary Ingraham, Producer/Director, Cornell Media Services

"In addition to her obvious intelligence and creative talent, Tracey is a dependable producer with a broad vision. Her work is so outstanding not merely because she is technically accomplished, but also because she understands the theoretical basis of every project in which she becomes engaged...Tracey has distinguished herself as a researcher and writer. Not only is her work detailed and accurate, it is marked by a stylish intelligence and much wit. In short, one who sees the big picture and gets the job done."

Charles Phillips, president and co-principal, Zenda Publishing; former editor of History News magazine
"Tracey dedicates herself to each new project in a way that is intelligent and slightly eccentric; this gives her work great charm and sufficient tension to render it compelling. She is a quick study...her tenacity is inspiring; her slightly offbeat approach to things reveals her creativity and her drive to transcend the easy and the obvious. She is of those rare writers who defines a vision of her audience, and who endeavors to reach that audience on its own turf."
Peggy Haine, Communications Strategist, Cornell University

"...exemplary work on a professional level. Your conceptual framework for the project is at the highest level of researchers and designers in new media, and your mastery of Authorware is nothing short of remarkable."
  Diane Gayeski, Communications Professor, Ithaca College, and author of Corporate Communication Management

  For more information about what it's like to work with TLC Productions, see the personal section accessible by clicking HERE or on my photograph on the home page .

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