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Welcome! You've reached the personal section of the TLC PRODUCTIONS portfolio website and you probably arrived here because you were curious what might happen if you clicked on my photo. That's great--we have curiosity in common. I like working with people who are curious about the world around them.

Listen to my greeting:
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One of the things that distinguishes me is an unmistakable intellectual curiosity.
[I'm one of those people who goes to look up something like "ukiyoe" (a style of Japanese poetry) and gets temporarily waylaid reading the definition of "ulotrichy" (having hair that is "crisply curly").]
It's that same curiosity drives me to explore other places, other lands (See TRAVELOGUE.) In fact, I have a little postcard on my desk that says simply,
"If there's an experience in front of you, have it."
Of course, that desire for new knowledge also leads me to order things in restaurants like pickled squid and deep-fried watermelon rind, which may or may not be an experience I want to repeat!

In a business context, my curiosity means I bring a wide spectrum of experience to the table--along with an ability to distinguish what's good and what works.

It also means I'm likely to come up with an approach that hasn't been  previously explored.
If we work together, you'll find I'm thoughtful, analytical, and perceptive and bring a mature, intuitive understanding to the task at hand. I see things somewhat differently than most folks, and tend to score very high in what's called inductive reasoning when time comes to examine skills on standardized tests.
Why should you care about that? Well, it's a skill that's helpful in conceptualizing and generating new media, especially interactive media. What it means is I'm very good at moving from the specific to the general. As a high-classification person, I take information in from many sources, process it quickly, and can pull together thought/fact/idea into a workable solution.
What's more, I love to solve problems and figure things out.
I'm not the most logical person though--my solutions do not follow a linear train of logic, so I may have a hard time explaining how I got to the solution offered. And I'll rely on a good technical person to help me flesh out the details.
If you're interested in working with me, you should know I've got good stamina and persistence, and, in addition to being curious, you'll find I'm opinionated, clever, and sometimes pretty funny. (Click HERE to find out what other folks say about working with me.)

Want to get to know me better? Everyone is welcome to explore all of the other parts of the TLC porfolio web site, but in order delve further into this personal section, you'll need a password. Before I give you the magic key, you'll have to send me an e-mail telling me a little about yourself and why you're interested in finding out more.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


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