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Listening and being aware of the importance of sound--the cadence of the spoken word, the pitch of a voice and rhythm of delivery, even the way one song segues into the next--makes a critical difference.

Audio is too often overlooked in the process of creating content. But whether you're editing a documentary video or creating a website, effective use of sound enhances the interactive experience and it is an important part of my multimedia work.

To learn more about sound and the internet, take a look at Sound Design: Using Audio as a Creative Tool. Delivered at Museums and the Web 2000, the presentation offers a review of good (and bad) sound design, proposes ground rules for designing with sound, briefly covers currently available tools, and offers a consideration of the future potential of web sound design.

The presentation was a natural culmination of my professional work with web design and my involvement with music--unquestionably one of the most important elements in my life. My taste is eclectic but I seem to be especially drawn to what you might call folk music, which I define broadly enough so that it encompasses Dvorak and Delius, Vaughn Williams and Villa-Lobos, as well as Mississippi John Hurt, Joan Baez and Dave Van Ronk, Laurie Lewis, Bill Morrissey, and the like.

 I play a little piano (thought I might do a double degree at Oberlin back when I was young and naive) and I tried to master the horn at one point (only to despair of ever creating consistently the sound I could hear in my "mind's ear").
One of the ways I share my enthusiasm is through Nonesuch, a four-and-a-half hour Sunday radio show that features "folk music and music in the folk tradition." (You can hear it at 93.5 on WVBR-FM here in Ithaca, New York, or on the internet through Real Audio; explore the Nonesuch page for details.) I'm a regular host in the rotation and many of my shows are special theme programs:

NONESUCH: Music in the Folk Tradition
If you'd like to hear some audio samples and see a couple of my playlists for this FM radio show, check out this link. You'll find:

  • Strangers in a Strange Land, playlist for a program I did on the theme of immigration (inspired by Passover and the theme of Exodus)
  •  February-Born playlist  (lots of songs appropriate one way or another for folks born in the month of February, including me!)

[Note: I post my playlists to the newsgroup FOLKDJ-L at <]

I've also written and voiced a variety of audio productions and radio spots for community events, local festivals, and musical performances. Voice-over work has included video narration for Cornell University, and my own documentary work. Soundsample Soundsample2

Radio script writing includes promotional pieces for Ithaca College and nationally broadcast 30- and 60-second radio spots for NatureWatch and Animal Instincts.

Sample Radio Scripts for FINGER LAKES PRODUCTIONS : You can learn about the mysterious marbled murrelet, cute but nasty butcher birds, how owls hunt "by ear," and just what pecking order means in the sample scripts here.


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