Ithaca College London Center

Ithaca College London Center

When International Programs asked the department of publications to take a fresh look at the existing London Center brochure, I was named project manager. I worked with the directors of international programs, admission, and several other departments to create a brochure that would 1) describe in very attractive terms the London Center "experience" and 2) generally serve to remind parents/students of one very concrete way Ithaca College could claim it was educating future citizens of the world.

The brochure design is fairly sedate, but the copy (despite the fact my original text survived multiple rewrites by committee) remains remarkably lively.

It begins, 

"Imagine reading Charles Dickens and then following in the footsteps of Oliver Twist through the back alleys of London...studying international politics or European Community economics and doing an internship at the London office of a multinational corporation...visiting the landscapes Turner and Constable painted...the places Wordsworth and Keats wrote about....

Think what a drama class would be like if you HAD to see more than 20 plays on the London stage. Consider how you might enhance your music education if you could hear the London Philharmonic live, or investigate the recording studio on Abbey Road made famous by the Beatles.

Sound like an exciting way to make your education come alive? Then take a close look..."



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