Ithaca College Newsletter for Accepted Students

This bright, colorful tabloid is designed to get prospective students to say "yes" to Ithaca College. 

I was project manager, working with the director of admissions and an outside design firm to create something we could mail out at a dead point in the admission literature cycle.

We needed to remind prospectives of the best of Ithaca (most had visited campus) and provide any new info we thought might add strength to our "pitch." I wanted something that would allow me to use as many first-person stories as possible to augment and reify the institutional line.

I'm Glad I Chose Ithaca was a first-person story written by a student, generally one who'd participated in either the London or Los Angeles Communications Program

Easing Into Freshman Life featured students and professors reflecting in their own words on first-year academics (and yes, the Brady Bunch inference-by-design was, alas, intentional)

What's New? gave the opportunity to highlight new computers or changes in academic stuff

Living on Campus addressed nitty-gritty questions like "Will I get the room want?" "What about the food?" "What should I bing from home?" etc. and another Q&A column dealt with specifics like "Do I need on car on campus?" and "I have special dietary needs: What do I do?"

Ithacans in the News was a grab bag where we could highlight faculty and student achievements, always striving to place the school in an international or at least national context

Bomber Bits highlighted sports achievements

10 Fun Things to Do on the Weekend in Ithaca (which actually included 14 things) was very well received by those who were thinking "Geez, do I really want to spend four years in a little town in the middle of nowhere?"

The format I created was so successful it is still being repeated, with appropriate updates.  


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