Cornell Extension Services Promotional Video

Cornell Educational Television Center, Media and Technology Services
I produced this 1.30 promo piece under the guidance of Gary Ingraham, dealing with the client, scripting, procuring talent, arranging location shoots, directing photography and final edit, selecting music and additional stock footage, and doing the voice-over narration. It accompanies the Communicating With Your Health Care Provider tapes (described in the Images section), which are displayed on a kiosk installation in constant rotation with other Cornell Extension Services videos.

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See below for rough transcript, with VO and narration indicated.

Music: pulsing beat, builds almost threateningly, building tension as somewhat harried homemaker/mom, pushes kid down grocery aisle:
"Jeez, how's anyone supposed to know how to read these labels? Look at all those additives... are they safe for my kids?..Sodium, fat, cholesterol...I know I'm supposed to to cut down on that stuff,  but HOW?"
She turns corner continues up next aisle as her toddler grabs box from shelf: 
"And snacks for the kids....there's gotta be some new ideas out there about snacks that taste good--and are good for them.
"You get so much information about diet and exercise these days--but honestly, I'm not really sure just what the best way is to lose weight--or what I should feed  my family..."
[VO:Narration as below, with stock footage of extension workshops/cooking classes, etc.]
There IS a way--to stretch your food dollar, get up-to-date information about good nutrition for your family, even persuade your toddler to eat better.
You can get straight information about food safety...and food additives, diet and nutrition, find out how to teach children good eating  habits...
Cornell Cooperative Extension Services offers nutrition classes and workshops, publications and videos...and special in-home visits may even be available to you.
Call today and find out more about our programs. 
Back to kid in grocery basket--he grabs banana, opens mouth to devour--then offers it generously to viewer:

Cornell Cooperative Extension--helping you put knowledge to work.

[Fade to black]


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