SOUND DESIGN: Using Audio as a Creative Tool

Tracey Linton Craig

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SOUND DESIGN: Using Audio as a Creative Tool

Life is rarely silent


Overview This is a session about sound and its role in web design, not about specific techniques. We will:

Why use sound?

What sound does


Web sound--still in its infancy

Sound as an immersion tool

Unified Information Design [Nathan Shedroff]

Sonification [the use of nonspeech audio to convey information]

Educational applications

Visualizing changes

Field of sonification

What makes “good” sound design?

Sites that demand sound

The next level

Do you need audio?

Sound and simultaneity

Using sound

Ground rule 1: consider the user

Web audio


We need a standard

Real-time interactions

Rich Music Format (RMF): Beatnik

Beatnik examples

Sound’s talents

Sound conveys meaning

What do sound effects do?

Role of sound in film

Robert Bresson’s notes on sound

Back to the web

The challenge

Communicating with sound

Internet is inherently multimedia

Next 18 months